Hand Rubs, Products

Antiseptic hand rubs/scrub killing transient microorganisms and reducing the resident flora.

Safe and eco-friendly aerial fumigants with a long-lasting effect, killing all pathogens including spores.

Aerial Fumigant , Radix Hi Care Products
Suraface Disinfectant, Products

Effectively breaking down organic matter providing a rapid microbicidal action for all kinds of surface disinfection.

Our highly reliable disinfectant that has a wide range of applications to keep your surroundings clean with nozzle generating aerosol less than a micron size in drops to ensure best performance.

Fogger, Products
Dialysis Disinfectant, Products

Simple, fast and environment friendly cleaning agents that completely destroys all microorganisms.

Fast action, non-toxic and eco-friendly 3D cleaning disinfectant, proven to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Disinfectant Spray, Products
Enzymatic Cleaner, Products

Multi enzyme cleaner, effective for removing proteins, lipids, starches etc. from surgical and dental instruments.

Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory wound care solutions improving healing time and reducing amputation rates.

Wound Care, Products
Instrument Disinfectant, Products

High level disinfection and sterilization of all types of medical equipment, without harming them.