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As a technology driven company, we at Radix, have pioneered in the manufacturing of the Industrial and Institutional (I&I) Cleaning chemicals. Since our establishment in 2007, we have carved out a name for ourselves and today, we are known for our top-notch quality, consistency and service in the manufacturing of our products.

We at RADIX have always been in the forefront of new product development. With our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory, we proactively look for new molecules offered by the world’s leading and trusted chemical companies and study their applications in the fields of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Our products are launched in the market after thorough lab testing and numerous soft trials.

Our goal at Radix is to deliver to our customers the best possible solutions in disinfectants in various industries. We have diversified our products from being used in controlled environments such as hospitals to common disinfectant usages like household, offices and other public and private institutions. With germs and diseases spreading rapidly, the best way now would be to keep your surroundings germ free and we at Radix help you to do that efficiently. We have specialized products ranging from critical environments such as medial disinfectants to effective household usages. Our products are made hazard free keeping you and your family safe at all times.

RADIX is a partnership firm which is formed under the Indian Partnership Act of 1932. Our partners have extensive experience in the fields of chemical manufacturing and marketing and are established names in the industry.

We are the owner of various trademarks, including RADIX and MAXKLEEN.


Located in the excise exemption zone in the state of Uttarakhand, our plant is well connected with rail and road network, facilitating easy and fast access of our product throughout the markets across India. We are fully equipped with automatic and semi-automatic batch making, filling and testing facilities. Due to the sensitive nature of our products, we provide extreme importance in maintaining the hygiene across our facility and ensure that we cater products of top quality.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest equipment that ensures smooth operation for specific procedures. Our storage facilities are properly maintained and well-spaced, eliminating the possibility of contamination. Our labs and research facilities are well equipped to check the chemical composition of our products and to constantly develops unique formulas that help fight new bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. We at Radix work constantly to find solutions to help tackle the spread of harmful viruses and microorganisms.


In the process of killing harmful pathogens, most disinfectant do more harm to the environment. Unless used in controlled settings they can have severe environmental impact. To tackle this problem, we at Radix make products that are specially designed to give you greener chemical cleaners.

At RADIX, we fully realize and accept our obligation to protect and preserve the environment. Our manufacturing plant is a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility and maintains the highest Environmental and Occupational safety standards.

Our products contain active non-toxic natural ingredients that are biodegradable in nature. Our non-polluting products comes with a hazard-free packaging that retails its eco-friendly nature even after its use.

As per the prevailing government guidelines, all used packaging materials ensure nil or minimum environmental impact. We always interact with our buyers and work with them to design packaging in order to minimize the carbon footprint in the environment.


Human Resources

We at RADIX, believe in fairness when it comes to sharing business gains with all our stakeholders – our employees being our most important asset. Apart from statutory wages, we ensure that our employee’s efforts are recognized in the form of performance bonuses and other incentives.

To ensure that learning is a never-ending process, we at Radix, conduct regular on-job personal trainings for managerial as well as the production staff. We help our employees attain their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.

We at RADIX, look for talent and might be interested in your service. To be a part of our ever-growing team, we invite you to send us your detailed resume at info@radixhicare.com.


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